getting ready to run

a quick reference guide to partnering with LivingSocial

You are probably here because you’ve just signed your contract. If that’s the case, welcome to the LivingSocial family! We’re really excited to be working with you. And if you’ve run with us before, welcome back. It’s great to see you again.

my promotion hasn’t been scheduled

Can you tell me when my promotion is going to run?

If you haven’t heard from us yet, that means we haven’t set a date for your promotion –- but we’re working on it. Our scheduling and production teams are looking at information about your market and your promotion to pick the time when your promotion will have the greatest chance for success.

Things to Do Right Away

Even if you don’t have a date for your promotion yet, there are still a couple of things that you can do right now.

  1. Visit Merchant Center and set your password.

    Merchant Center will become a lot more important once people start buying and redeeming your promotion, but it’s never too early to learn your way around.

  2. Verify your direct deposit information.

    You’ll be prompted to do this when you log in to Merchant Center for the first time. Why is this important? We can’t pay you until we’ve verified where to send the funds. Sounds pretty important!

  3. Confirm your TIN & Legal Name.

    You’ll do this in Merchant Center too. Like your direct deposit information, we can’t schedule your deal until your taxpayer info is confirmed.

my promotion has a date and is about to run

So you’ve gotten your run notification email and have a date for your promotion. This stage has two parts: (1) working with us to get your deal page ready and (2) making sure everything at your business is good to go.

Getting Your Deal Page Ready

Your scheduling email introduced you to your Production Coordinator, or PC. Learn that name. Your PC will be your primary point of contact as we prepare your promotion. They’ll also help manage the creation of your write-up and your deal images

Deal Production Timeline

  1. We send you a ‘Your deal is scheduled’ email.

    This kicks off the production of your promotion.

  2. Send any relevant info or photos to your Production Coordinator.

    Our editorial and photo teams will use these to build your deal page. We’ve got plenty of experience creating engaging content that encourages consumers to buy.

  3. Review your initial mockup.

    Keep an eye on your email for your deal page mockup. Take a look and review it for factual corrections.

  4. Send us any corrections to your promotion.

    If there are any factual changes, we’ll incorporate them where possible and send you an updated version. Once everything is squared away, you are all set to run.

Preparing your Business

Every person that sees your promotion—whether they buy a voucher, call your store, or visit your website—is a potential long-term customer. Merchants who give LivingSocial customers a great experience get much more value out of their promotion than merchants who treat voucher-holders as second class customers.

When will I see new customers?

Right away! Customers may start coming in the same day your offer goes live, and historically about 30% will come within the first month.

Things to Do to Get Ready

  • Anticipate increased volume.

    You’re going to get more phone calls, emails, and in-store visits than usual. Our advice: work with your staff to develop a plan for handling this increased volume. It will make your experience a lot easier and help you give your customers a great experience.

  • Train your staff.

    Make sure they know the terms of the deal and how it works. Show your staff how easily they can redeem vouchers in Merchant Center or with our mobile app, and talk through any fine print conditions with them. Businesses who emphasize the importance of providing a great experience consistently get the most value out of their LivingSocial promotion.

  • Prepare to upsell.

    Did you know that the average LivingSocial customer spends more than $26 above the voucher amount1 when they redeem? Customers who just got a great deal can afford to tack on desert, or upgrade to the deluxe spa treatment – don’t forget to offer them the choice!

  • Update your Web Presence.

    Your deal will send a lot of people to your website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Make sure they’re up to date and you’re ready to address any questions or feedback.

1Source: Research Collaborative July 2013 survey of 1,792 LivingSocial U.S. consumers who redeemed a voucher purchased in prior 12 months

my deal is live and people are purchasing


Now more than ever, Merchant Center is going to be the best place to get information about your promotion and its performance. We’ve mentioned this before, but take special care of your new customers. When they have great experiences, they’re more likely to come back and rave to their friends. Did you know:

68% of LivingSocial customers are visiting a business for the first time

70% say they plan on returning again after using their voucher

55% say they’ve referred others after discovering a business on LivingSocial

Source: Research Collaborative July 2013 survey of 1,792 LivingSocial U.S. consumers who redeemed a voucher purchased in prior 12 months

Merchant Services – A whole team just for you

Once production is complete and your deal is live, our Merchant Services team becomes your primary point of contact for any questions that arise. We’re here to help with any questions about redeeming vouchers, utilizing the Merchant Center, receiving payment, changing your contact or payment information, and anything else on your mind. Give us a call at 877.556.4078, or email us any time at

Things to Do Now

  1. Redeem vouchers.

    It’s easy to redeem vouchers using Merchant Center or our mobile merchant app. This is the best way to generate feedback from your customers, track the ROI of your promotion, and protect yourself from fraud.

  2. Monitor and respond to feedback.

    We send a survey to every customer whose voucher you redeem. In Merchant Center, you’ll easily be able to view that feedback, and respond directly to your customers.

  3. Manage and track your ROI.

    We give you the option of inputing the full bill amount for each voucher you redeem in Merchant Center, which is an easy way to capture overage spend and more accurately track your ROI.

  4. Plan your next promotion.

    Looking to re-run or start a new promotion? It’s easy — just reach out to your LivingSocial sales representative and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Check out Merchant Center for more information

Merchant Center’s help section has much more information, including answers to the following Frequently Asked Questions: